Meeting for April 2019

The April 2019 meeting will be Thursday, April 18th at the Elks, 1900 (7:00 PM). Yes, this is an earlier start time as we have additional ceremonies to accomplish. If you have anything to bring up let us know ahead of time, so things move faster. Click here for more information about the meeting location.

Fire / Police / EMS Award

  • At this meeting, we will be giving out awards Fire- Police-EMS
  • We will try and get this done before our usual 1930 start time

Poppy Drive Coming Up Soon!

  • All times are open on the Poppy Drive. We have two doors to man 8 hours each day. We will need 5 of us each hour (5th person is in case of any issues).
  • Poppy Drive help is needed not only in being there but in getting equipment there and back.
  • Remember that what goes home at 1600 has to be back at 0800 next morning (Money removed and Poppies replaced)
  • Dick Heckard has taken over as Post Poppy Chairman.
  • We would like to limit us to 4 hours at most a day per person.

Events During Poppy Drive

Two events will require additional help as we’ll be spread very thin attending the event and selling poppies:

  • 10 May – The Cranberry Township Senior Expo is from 0800 – 1200
  • 19 May – The District 25 meeting is held in Butler at 1400, Rex & Hugh must attend

Memorial Day Graveside Flags

  • We will be putting flags on graves on Wednesday, May 22
  • Details on meeting times & locations will be sent out soon

Memorial Day Ceremony

  • Memorial Day is on May 27th, which means our ceremony is on Sunday the 26th
  • Preparations are on-track and Rex will be handing out assignments for the ceremony

Post Officers

  • If you hold an office and feel you can no longer execute its duties, please let us know.
  • If you are interested in holding an office, speak up now!

Hugh G. MacPherson